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The non-destructive testing association of the Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the association), a foundation legal person, was established in the sixty-seventh year of the Republic of China. Letter of approval for establishment, registration of establishment in Taipei District Court on February 19, 1979, and completion of statutory establishment procedures. On September 28, 1996, the Ministry of Economic Affairs approved the letter No. 09602130980 to change the name of "Republic of China Non-destructive Testing Association" to "Taiwan Non-destructive Testing Association", and in 1996 On October 24, the Taipei District Court approved the change of registration.

A man using a machine to cut iron bar

Our association is an nonprofit organization, and we help the government on economic construction and upgrade our industry.

1. Broadcast, training and service of non-destructive testing knowledge.
2. Certification of non-destructive testing.
3. Building standard of non-destructive testing.
4. Publish books and journal on non-destructive testing.
5. Development of non-destructive testing technology.
6. Communicate with abroad scholar.
7. Anything about non-destructive testing technology.

Purpose of establishment

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