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1st Formosa Conference on
Non-Destructive Testing
(FCNDT 2024)


The 1st Formosa Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (FCNDT 2024) is being organized by the Society for Nondestructive Testing and Certification of Taiwan (SNTCT) on October 3-4, 2024 at International Convention Center Tainan (ICC Tainan), Tainan, Taiwan. Previously known as the Conference on Nondestructive Testing Technology (CNDT) organized by SNTCT, the CNDT underwent a transformation into an international conference for the year 2024 under the efforts of the International Academic Committee on Nondestructive Testing Technology (IACNT). IACNT recommended organizing FCNDT 2024 to showcase a commitment to international cooperation and global engagement. This conference will serve as a dynamic platform for international researchers, academicians, and industry experts to exchange insights, forge connections, and nurture collaborative endeavors across the technical domain within the field of non-destructive testing. Moreover, the conference will draw in and support graduate students exploring technical fields and associated industries in non-destructive testing. It will also provide a prime platform for research scientists, investors, industrialists, and government officials to showcase cutting-edge innovations, groundbreaking findings, and forward-thinking concepts for technological advancement and business upliftment. The scope of FCNDT 2024 spans across the innovative contributions highlighting interdisciplinary research and technological outcomes in the realm of non-destructive testing and its diverse applications.


  • Paper Submission Deadline:8/15, 2024

  • Last Day of Early-Bird Registration:8/15, 2024

  • Announcement of Paper Acceptance:8/30, 2024

  • Final Paper Submission Deadline:9/10, 2024

  • Conference Registration Deadline:9/20, 2024

  • Program Release Date:09/25, 2024

  • Conference Dates:10/03-04, 2024


Conference Chair: Ching-Chung Yin (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, TW)

Conference Co-Chair: Shyh-Hau Wang (National Cheng Kung University, TW)

Advisory Board Chair: Chih-Hung Chiang (Chaoyang University of Technology, TW)

Advisory Board Co-Chair: Takamasa Ogata (APFNDT, JP)

Advisory Board Member:

Ilham Mukriz Zainal Abidin (MSNT, MY)

Sajeesh Kumar Babu (ICNDT, SG)

Krishnan Balasubramanian (ISNT, IN)

Juin-Fu Chai (National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, TW)

Tsuchin Philip Chu (Southern Illinois University, USA)

Ikuo Ihara (JSNDI, JP)

Kyung-Young Jhang (KSNT, KR)

Danny Keck (ASNT, USA)

Chia-Chi Cheng (Chaoyang University of Technology, TW)

Chien-Ching Ma (National Taiwan University, TW)

Chung-Yue Wang (National Central University, TW)

Che-Hwa Yang (National Taipei University of Technology, TW)

Reza Zoughi (Iowa State University, USA)

Takahide Sakagami (Kobe University, JP)

Technical Committee ChairsJu-Yi Lee, Po Ting Lin, Yeong-shuenn Su

Technical Committee Members: Chung-Yue Wang, Hao-Lin Wang, Chih-Hung Chiang, Chao-Ching Ho, Tsung-Tsong Wu, Yung-Chun Lee, Bing-Hung Li, Yi-Ching Lin, Yung-Chiang Lin, Chin-Lung Chiu, Jia-Hong Sun, Juin-Fu Chai, Chien-Ching Ma, Ming Chang, Keng-Tsang Hsu, Mao-Kuen Kuo, Wen-Shiang Chen, Yung-Yu Chen, Chin-Chi Cheng, Peng-Chi Peng, Jian-Hua Tong, Yu-Hsi Huang, Che-Hua Yang, Shiuh-Kuang Yang, Jiunn-Woei Liaw, Kuang-Chih Pei, Pei-ling Liu


Organizers: The Society for Nondestructive Testing & Certification of Taiwan (SNTCT), National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Co-Organizers: National Central University (NCU), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)


  • Email:

  • Location: International Convention Center Tainan (ICC Tainan)

  • Venue Address: No. 3, Gueiren 12th Road, Gueiren District, Tainan City 711, Taiwan

  • Contact Address: No. 1, University Road, East District, Tainan City 701, Taiwan

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