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Submission Guidelines

Conference submissions for FCNDT offer two presentation formats: (1) Oral or (2) Poster presentations. All conference submissions must strictly adhere to the provided conference template and to be submitted in PDF format through the online paper submission system. Authors have the option to participate in the (a) Paper Competition or submit their work as a (b) Regular Paper.

(a) Paper Competition:

Papers submitted for (a1) Oral Paper Competition should be 10 -12 pages in length.
Papers submitted for (a2) Poster Paper Competition should be 2-12 pages in length.

(b) Regular Paper:

Papers submitted for (b1) Oral Regular Paper can range in 3-12 pages.
Papers submitted for (b2) Poster Regular Paper can range in 2-12 pages.

In exceptional cases, papers exceeding 12 pages may be considered for acceptance.
All papers with a length of 2 pages will be presented exclusively in poster format.

The deadline for conference paper submission is August 15, 2024

Paper Submission Template for Oral and Poster Presentations:


Online registration form must be filled in order to properly complete the registration process.

All conference participants are required to fill out the online registration form by clicking on the “Click to register” tab. The registration fee includes full participation, conference materials, coffee and desserts, lunches, and banquets. Partial payment for partial participation is not available. 

Conference Registration Fees:


Note for Student/Retired registration category:

  • Proof of current full-time student status (such as a Student ID or University letter) is required for student registration. The student category does not include in-service program students.

  • The term 'Retired' applies to individuals aged 65 and above. Please provide proof of age upon registration.

Registration and Payment for International Participants:

Registration and Payment for Domestic Participants (Taiwan only):

  • Kindly send the remittance receipt copy and registration ID, along with the complete participant’s name, to Ms. Huang Jingwen at the association by fax or scan and email to after bank transfer or post office transfers.

Note for cancellation of registration:

  • If you wish to cancel your registration, please notify SNTCT before September 20th, 2024.
    A processing fee of NT$500 will apply for refunds. No refunds will be issued after September 20th, 2024.

More Information:

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